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  • Narcisso Rodriguez MUSC Oil

    Daily Delicious No. 8

    I absolutely cannot stop wearing this limited edition Narcisso Rodriguez MUSC oil. It’s brimming with velvety wood notes, rose and…

  • Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful

    Daily Delicious No. 5

    Bobbi Brown is #PrettyPowerful!  She’s launching a campaign around this stunning, limited edition, Pot Rouge.  100% of proceeds from your…

  • Wear

    Daily Delicious No. 4

    Linda Farrow is one of my favorite sunglass designers… Look through these and have a read a clip from an…

  • Fashion Wear

    Stylefile No. 2

    I found an amazing, little, suede dress at my favorite second-hand store Great Labels in Studio City.  The Phoebe Couture…

  • Wear

    Secret Weapon No. 1

    Secret Weapon No. 1 goes to Kate Sommerville’s DILO OIL.  I’ve been using it for a few months and it’s…