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    Your Year

    It’s the 11th hour.  You may feel like you’re underwater, but you WILL push through this year.  You will hold…

  • Fashion Living Wear

    The GROUP Gift

    An unconventional choice for gift-giving this year is a group gift… something to invest in together that will keep you…

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    Holiday Buffalo

    The Buffalo Offering has just been featured in the fabulous Conscious Magazine x HGC Holiday Gift Guide 2016! We still have a…

  • Living Wear

    Daily Delicious No. 47

    We’ve been extra impressed with this primrose & lavender oil makeup remover from Kiehl’s; “Midnight Recovery” Botanical Cleansing Oil.  Cleansing oil…

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    Safety First

    Dear Everyone-Annoyed-By-the-Safety-Pins, You are not marginalized.  Sit down. I know just as many as you do– those bleeding hearts whose…

  • Living Pray

    Thank you

    For everyone who has fought for my freedom and yours and for those who were bound elsewhere To every soldier…