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The GROUP Gift


An unconventional choice for gift-giving this year is a group gift… something to invest in together that will keep you growing and learning in 2017!  These are our top 3 favorites!


Start by getting creative!  Everyone group of friends has someone in debt, someone with a slow love-life or dwindling relationship, and someone whose business is struggling.  We had an idea for your group of friends… how about everyone pitch in on some potentially life-changing (and certainly educational) packages.  Our 3 Favorites include “Financial Peace” by Dave Ramsey, “Understand Men” by Alison Armstrong, and “Heartcore Business” by my good friend Shanda Sumpter.

Shanda Sumpter has a formula that WORKS for small businesses!  Make 2017 the year yours makes more money than ever before with her Heartcore Business programs.

Get out of debt once and for all! Start the new year off right with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

Alison Armstrong has been studying Men of all ages, races and cultures for over 25 years. As it turns out, they really AREN’T just hairy women. This course will revolutionize the way you relate to men.





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