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The Buffalo Offering has just been featured in the fabulous Conscious Magazine x HGC Holiday Gift Guide 2016! We still have a long haul ahead of us to restore Buffalo to Native communities.  Let’s talk about it!  Here’s how you can help…

american_bison_k5680-1Simply put, the Native American community needs their Bison back.  The massacre of bison by settlers hundreds of years ago was the method by which Natives were driven into poverty and onto reservations.  They have never recovered from this.  This season, please consider giving to a beautiful organization called The Tanka Fund.  This group is focused on returning one million acres of land to buffalo production and bringing the vision of renewed health to life.  I’ve spoken in depth with Faye Brown, founder of the fund.  They have a clear set of goal posts lined up for the next year (actually the next 30 years), and an easy way for you to see how your donations are being used. But they can’t do it alone- they need your help.

There are several different ways you can help restore Buffalo to the native land, diets and economies.

Donate directly to the Tanka Fund HERE.  100% of your donation goes to native buffalo producers and ranchers.  That means NO administrative fees, no hidden expenditures, just total giving.  Not many orgs can say this.  You can also send a check to TANKA FUND/ ILTF 151 Country Road B, Little Canada, MN 55117

Second, as many of you may know I have designed an elegant & abstract, Buffalo-inspired jewelry collection for Stilnest and 10% of all proceeds go to the Tanka Fund.


I was joined in partnership with Gratitude Collaborative for a Dinner party to celebrate the collection and the Tanka Fund and you can read all about the dinner here on MVL and get another perspective on Stilnest’s site.  This collection is expertly crafted with 18k gold or silver, is a best seller and a constant conversation-starter.

Purchase the Buffalo Offering HERE

Lastly, get that buffalo in your belly and see how much better it is than beef!  Stock up on Tanka Jerky!!  I love love love these and buy them in bulk.  If you’re a beef-jerky kind of person, these are right up your alley, as well as making great stocking stuffers.  Honestly, they’re so delicious and 10% of every Jerky purchase goes to the Fund.

Help through buying Tanka Bars HERE

Will you join us?? #TankaReturns @TankaFund

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