Safety First

safety_pin2Dear Everyone-Annoyed-By-the-Safety-Pins,

You are not marginalized.  Sit down.

I know just as many as you do– those bleeding hearts whose entire sense of worth comes from jumping on board every trendy cause.  Yes, they are making it more about themselves; they want everyone to know they’re cool and liberal, and most of them probably live in highly gentrified cities where it’s not even necessary to wear the safety pin because the general population of the area is liberal and a “Safe zone” for minorities.

Can you imagine, though, being a person living in rural America who feels afraid because of what half our country has just proven it is okay with– misogyny, racism, bigotry, hate crimes, rape culture, and homophobia?  For just a moment, even if you think it’s hogwash, put yourselves in the shoes of someone who is afraid right now because of who was just elected President and because of all the open hate that is beginning to be reported day after day… attributed to this President elect.

You think it’s ridiculous, you think it’s Millennial whining (believe me I have plenty to say about Millennials, but this ain’t one of them), you think it’s sore losing and perpetuating irrational fear… yet even so, can you find compassion because the fear is real to THEM?  If you voted for Trump and you’re not a racist, bigot, homophobe or misogynist- why don’t YOU put on a safety pin?  Why don’t you evangelicals who think Republican is the Christian party practice a little Jesus right now and make a whole f*&%ing SUIT out of safety pins.  Your arms should be more open than anyone.

Do you know how much it would mean to the immigrant in Kansas busing your table, or a pregnant teen in North Carolina unsure of what to do, or the 25 black students in your 90% white school or your muslim neighbor in Missouri to, in a quiet way identify you as a friend, as someone with compassion?  How about the woman who has to walk home alone at night knowing that our nation’s leader condones & participates in sexual assault?  Maybe your safety pin lets her know she can walk on your side of the street.

Forget about the trend-shadowers.  Are YOU a safe person for the fearful to interact with?  If you are, let them know.


Bethany Joy Lenz

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