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... We Reap What We Sow  #sundaymorning #foodforthought

We Reap What We Sow
#sundaymorning #foodforthought

It’s a theme that’s been rolling around a lot in my head and heart lately.  Particularly with the upcoming election (don’t worry I’m not going to get political here) when so many have been asking “how did we get here, that THESE are our options!?”.  It’s a law of nature lost on the millennial generation… You reap what you sow.

In a day and age where so much is instant gratification, the idea of sowing into something and waiting for the harvest seems almost archaic.  The waiting requires faith.  When you plant a seed in the ground, you trust that the sun and the rain and the soil will do their job.  You tend to the soil, making sure the conditions are appropriate for growth and you WAIT.  You know the formula for growth works, but you can’t see results right away.  So you have to believe, wait, and do everything you can to nurture the growing seed while preparing for the harvest.

What are you reaping right now (good or bad) and what did you sow that gave it to you?  It’s not that every trial we encounter is our fault or a result of our lack of preparation… but sometimes it is.  Sometimes we sow seeds of finishing a job half-assed, or seeds of habitually cramming before exams, or seeds of getting away with things when no one is looking.  But it’s a fundamental law of nature, as true as gravity… you reap what you sow.

What can we sow into our future and our children’s future?  What can you sow into the career you want but don’t yet have?  What can you sow into friendship that will yield a harvest of intimate, strong companionship & support?  What can you sow into adding peace to your environment?

For a little extra perspective I loved this sermon by Paul Sheppard

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