On the Road, France

Snaps from the car window in France. A visual adventure to inspire your weekend.  Link in bio #modernvintagelife #modernvintagetrip #modernvintageadventure


A few years ago this time I was exploring the south of France with friends.  It was one of my most memorable trips so far.  Most people I know visit France when the weather is warm and breezy.  I enjoyed an October in France when the snow was feathering rooftops and your breath formed clouds while waiting for the train.  We eventually rented a car and began an absolutely stunning journey on the road.  It does a soul good to spend time in an environment where you see beauty in every direction, for miles and miles.  It makes your dreams feel possible.  It shows you how small you are; how new you are…

Here are some of the snaps I got, just from the car window… a little drive-by taste of France.

img_2153img_2197 img_2195img_2172    img_2198-1img_2173img_2157 img_2158 img_2146 img_2159 img_2183    img_2238 img_2166img_2152img_2235-1 img_2160 img_2188   img_2190 img_2240 img_2167 img_2191 img_2243  img_2169-1 img_2192 img_2244 img_2154 img_2169 img_2245img_2193

Take the time to recharge with beauty in nature or design!  What beauty is near you where you can unplug and breathe deeply, even for the afternoon?  What adventure can you find…?

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