We’ve all discovered little secrets for women.  They trickle down from Grandma to Mom to us, or we live with a roommate who does something weird and we’re like “WHAT are you doing?” and it changes our life.  However they come, these little Lady Hacks become secret weapons we pass around.  Here are some of our Modern Vintage Favorites!



1) SHAVING on Vacation can be a nuisance if you don’t have cream, but those travel sized bottles of shaving cream are too big for a carry-on and just seem annoying to pack regardless.  Try using the hotel conditioner or a thin layer of lotion as a shaving substitute.

2) NAIL POLISH bottle sealed shut?  Wrap a rubber band around the top for grip.  Clear Nail Polish also serves as a barrier on the inside of rings that discolor your fingers, and famously stops runs in panty hose.

3) CRYSTAL DEODORANT is shockingly effective around your ladybits.  After all, it’s not just our armpits that sweat, but who wants to use a Secret or Dove stick up their thighs and in all those spots?  Not us.  The crystal deodorant doesn’t stop the sweat, but it stops the sweat scent completely!  Give it a try next time you hit the gym and you’ll be seriously surprised at how well it neutralizes odor.

4) BODY OIL in the shower moisturizes you so you don’t have to apply lotion when you get out and wait for it to dry before putting on jeans.  Just step out of the stream for a minute, put a dollop of oil slightly bigger than a quarter in your hand, rub hands together and slather your whole body.  The water already on you makes the oil go farther and you can even rinse off without the oil going anywhere.

5) CROWN MOLDING is a gorgeous way to store high heels!

Loczi Design


6) DUCT TAPE your blister.  This is a common method among athletes.  It doesn’t crunch up and rub off like band-aids.

7) VASELINE is a great base before Fragrance to make that scent stay all day!  It also stops bleeding quickly when you cut yourself shaving.

8) DRYER SHEETS will de-frizz your hair if you have a loose wave texture already.  For extra curly hair?  OIL OIL OIL from the middle to the ends.  My favorite is Shu Umera hair oil.  I’ve never found anything that works this well.

9) HIS T-SHIRT turns into a sundress for early morning coffee, just… like… that.  We stumbled across this one on pinterest.  So cool!


10) WHITEN teeth with Banana Peels.  Swear.  Rub the inside of a peel on your uppers and lowers for 1 minute each and let it sit for about 10 min.  Brush with dry toothbrush.  Repeat 3x a week.  Whiten nails with toothpaste & lemon juice.  Just mix and let em soak for a few.

Have any tried & true Ladyhacks to share with Modern Vintage Life?  Post a comment below!





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