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Church on the Blog: How do you do STILL?

pexels-photo-94664I’m amazed by people who can sit still for longer than 10 minutes while doing nothing.  It seems impossible to me.  My mind wanders, my body itches, I’m hungry, my phone beeps, I forgot to do 10 things that all need to be done rightthissecond.  I try, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a daunting task.  Usually I find that meditation and prayer for me take on a more tangible form.  According to MindBodyGreen and Greatest this is super normal!  So don’t feel guilty if you need to move around a bit to find your peace and stillness.  I have some of my best talks with God while walking alone, some of my most intense prayers while I’m listening to music and painting, some of my deepest personal revelations while I’m journaling.  A few nights ago a song came on Pandora after bed and I just started dancing in my living room.  Alone.  For like 30 minutes.  Just feeling the music, expressing myself, getting all I was feeling out of my body.


Break it up!  Don’t try and do the same thing every time.  You’ll find peace in unexpected places.

How do YOU do “still”?

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