This Hotel Will Allow You To Change The World While You Sleep

The Moden Vintage team recently heard the news of Jeremy Cowart’s latest world-changing venture (thanks to Jon Acuff on twitter!), Purpose Hotel—and couldn’t wait to spread the word. Purpose Hotel is a Kickstarter campaign for the first in a chain of hotels designed for and dedicated to social good:

If the name Jeremy Cowart sounds familiar, perhaps you’ve heard of him as a coveted celebrity portrait photographer, or perhaps you’ve admired his humanitarian work, including the wildly successful Help Portrait, which is where photographers use their talents to give the gift of photography to those that would otherwise never have a picture of themselves.

Now, in his latest inspiring venture, he’s setting out to build a hotel. But, if you tune into the video above, you’ll see that it’s a hotel unlike anything in the hospitality industry (which is interesting, because the hospitality industry is one dedicated to the care of others…). Purpose Hotel is a collaborative effort between all of its Kickstarter backers and communities around the globe. Each part of its design will serve a different purpose, from hotel products like comforters and soaps that support communities in need to each room sponsoring a child. Basically, each part of the hotel will support an individual cause, making each facet of it incredibly impactful.

Each contributor of $75 to the current campaign will actually be listed as a founder of the first hotel (based in Nashville), giving contributors a chance to become apart of the greater movement. And of course, anyone who wants to contribute can offer any amount.

Social good and giving back are important to each of us at MVL, so when we hear of a project or movement that isn’t just inspiring, but actually initiates incredible impact, you can be sure we’ll let you know. Read more about Purpose Hotel on Kickstarter here.

What do you think of this project? Would you choose to stay in a hotel like this?

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