Little Luxuries That Are More Than Impulse Buys

I’ve written about style and beauty for a few years now, though I’ve always had a very casual, noncommittal approach to both. But through years of keeping up on lifestyle trends, I’ve met a lot of women that work in the same space–lifestyle blogging. One thing I’ve noticed is that people talk about it a whole lot more than they actual do it. It’s nice to throw something on a wishlist, but when it comes to actually using all these serums, mists, scents, and sprays? Who has the time?Little Luxuries | Modern Vintage Life

I may not wear full makeup everyday and I may wear the same flats until they wear to the ground, but you know what luxuries I’m much more interested in? The ones that don’t just make me look good, but make me feel good: at ease, refreshed, rejuvenated. Products like pai’s rosehip oil, meant to soothe and repair dry skin or a good lip or body scrub are the ultimate little luxuries to me. Sure, I can get by without them, but there’s something really special about simply paying attention to yourself. As many people as I know in the beauty space, I rarely hear them talk about ditching their phones and unplugging for a warm bath with an herbal soak or turning in early enveloped in the scent of a soothing room spray or body mist (despite the number of people who swear by scents as having the ultimate natural power to soothe). Instead, I hear about how busy, stressed, tired, and strained everyone is (no matter the industry). This is about more than the product. It’s about taking the time to slow down and take a rest. A really long, deep breath. So you know what? Indulge in that shimmering oil, give those facial buffing grains a try. You just might find that applying a rosemary facial serum boosts your mood (some use rosemary essential oil for this reason) or that the scent of that new candle whisks you away…

Which little luxury will you make more time for?

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