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7 Days in a Carry On: Travel Beauty Essentials

If you stopped by Modern Vintage Life this week you might’ve seen our all-inclusive guide to packing for 7 (or more!) days out of a CARRY ON. And for some real-world examples, my friend Stephanie of Honey & Silk styled me in those essentials. As promised, we’re back with all the beauty and skincare products you want to take on your trip but didn’t think you could. (And remember, you can click the little yellow icons to shop for your own travel beauty essentials directly.)

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Obviously, travel sized everything is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to do away with the idea of bringing a full palette of colors for different looks. The NARS Yeux Irresistable Eyeshadow Palette for example comes in six shades and your bag will look none the fuller. Another tip is to bring along as many double duty products as possible, like Benefit Posie Tint, which is a lip and cheek tint.


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Alright, on to skin and haircare AKA the products that will make you look like you didn’t even need them. This makeup remover cloth alleviates the whole can I or can’t I when it comes to flying with liquid removers. GENIUS. For hair, bring along only the products that will prevent your individual travel-hair disasters, like dryness, frizz, etc. Sample shampoos and conditioners at even the luxury hotels don’t target specifics, for good reason.

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