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7 Days in a Carry On: Pool Day Must Haves

So now you know how to squeeze 7 days worth of fashion and all of your beauty, skin, and hair essentials into a SINGLE carry on (it’s tight but it CAN be done), with full confidence that you can style each piece anew the whole trip long, but now you’re wondering: what about your beachwear?

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If you’ve gotten this far into the season without a swimsuit you feel excited about and confident in (this is important for all fashion, but particularly one where you’re much more exposed), read our guide on where to find the perfect swimsuit. Besides that, you can reinvent all of the pieces you worn on your trip thus far, including that gorgeous wrap skirt (a gentle reminder that if you’re style is anything like ours here at MVL you’ll want some summer florals on lock) as beach or pool-approved outfits.


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There’s a reason we included lightweight, loose-fitting dresses in the guide and not just because bohemian is in: they double as beach coverups with ease. You can throw these two on over your suit and walk right into happy hour. What else?

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