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7 Days in a Carry On

If you’re like me, baggage claim feels like a massive waste of time and I will avoid it at all costs.  The problem, of course, is that when I travel I often have events to attend and I never want to be stuck somewhere without a selection of items in my closet that feels like me instead of just whatever basics I can cram into a carry-on– so I feel saddled with my checked bags.

Well, today we’ve got the ultimate guide to surviving thriving while traveling for 7-10 days out of a CARRY ON. Yes, you read that right. We have meticulously chosen each item, including beauty essentials (down to laundry soap for hotel-room sink washing) which will be posted tomorrow. In these posts you will learn exactly how to put together your items in more than 10 ways for varying occasions including day to night, several poolside looks and more.

This collection requires the largest carry-on suitcase allowable by airlines, plus a “personal-item” sized duffle style bag.  And if you don’t mind waiting for bags on the carousel, try this packing list and see how much extra space you have in your checked bag for all the little purchases you plan to make while you’re away!

And guess what? These handy little collages are SHOPPABLE too! You can just click the plus sign and it will take you straight to the item online.

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Louis Vutton Monogram Graffiti Keepall via Tradesy.

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Vintage Mud Cloth Scarf from Chairish. Similar items here and here. Bar Earrings Alex Mika.

I like the simplicity of this look. It’s chic, comfortable, will look good on anyone, and in most places won’t scream “tourist!” I would recommend either choosing the mud cloth as a wrap OR the denim jacket as your layer for the day. Unless it’s scarf weather, just pick one.

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A colorful, feminine skirt feels so nice whilst traveling. Paired here with a comfortable, airy, ankle boot. If you do pair this with a boot, it should be a low-on-the-leg, cutout boot. The skirt is light and feminine and it will clash with anything that even remotely says “winter”. This would also work with a sandal. If you deviate from this color palette, keep jewelry in the same color family. The general rule is 3 colors max. Here we have blue, brown and orange. For example, it wouldn’t work to pair a black shoe with this particular combo.


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A casual combination here, made upscale by the rose-gold jewelry and the Vuitton satchel. Black shoes would work with this also.

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This look has Marilyn Monroe all over it. Upscale, casual, chic.

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I’d be more likely to pair this dress with the Indigo cloth, but either way it’s a strong day-to-night look

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Wait a few days before you bring out the skirt again so it still feels new, this time with black accents for a totally different vibe. Denim jacket for day, indigo mud cloth for evening.

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This dress is so versatile. It’s the kind of thing you slip into naked when you wake up and room service is knocking with your cappuccino and croissant, then you promptly sit on the balcony and enjoy breakfast. It also serves as a pool cover-up, which you’ll see later this week. It’s a great day dress with flip flops when the heat is pounding down and works for dinner if you pair it with black palette items (below).

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Look 8

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Ready to see these looks in action? Click here.

Check back tomorrow when we share our makeup, skin, and haircare carry-on guide.

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