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The Modern Vintage No Frills Beach Day Packing Checklist

I know, we just spent the other day talking about fall fashion. Even if you’re gearing up for a new autumn wardrobe, we can only imagine you’ll be soaking up as many beach days as possible in the meantime. As glorious as spending a whole day nestled in between warm sand and sun, it’s always a bit of a production to get out there, even for those of us who call California home. We figured you’d rather by lying out in the sun at the beach than prepping for the beach, so we thought it’d be helpful to take some of the guess work out of packing that tote.

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You’ve got your swimsuit (this one is Topshop), your accessories, and sunscreen. We’ll assume you’ve got a big tote in mind already, but if not this beach tote will literally fit anything. If you’re still on the terry cloth train do yourself a favor and finally try one of those cotton Turkish towels everyone is talking about. It turns out, there’s a reason they’re so popular: They’re super lightweight, their size is generally much more like a blanket than a towel, they’re cuter, AND you can seriously take them everywhere. They fold up into such a tiny bundle you could fit one in your evening clutch if you had to. Can’t go wrong with a product like that. Lastly you’ll regret not having a good on the go water bottle and a hydrating facial mist (rose and aloe is equal parts romantic and soothing), and don’t forget a good book! We love Big Magic or a good poetry anthology for our own beach days. Click on the yellow plus signs via the image above to shop the look!

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