How to Wear Cream Blush (without the Meltdown)

We’ve talked fashion a lot lately, but an outfit is only complete when the beauty look is perfected too. That doesn’t mean a full face of makeup with each outing, but the right look for each ensemble and occasion too. This may come as a surprise, but cream blush is one insanely versatile product to keep in the makeup bag: it can go from subtle to bold in a swipe, is available in every shade imaginable, and is THE best way to get that glowing, slightly dewy look that looks natural yet polished – You know, that contradictory effortless look that you actually try really hard to achieve?

Luckily with this particular product, you don’t have to try too hard to get it right.

how to wear cream blush

Even though cream blush is huge for those with dry skin that powders amplify or worsen, it’s not necessarily true that other skin types can’t pull it off. It’s more about the formula used, amount applied, and the other products it’s paired with it. If you’re expecting a cream to slide right off your skin, make sure to use a truly effective setting spray (COOLA has you covered there) as well.

The Best Products & How to Wear Cream Blush

Most cream blushes come in a pot or compact, but if yours comes in a stick like NARS Multiples, you can still use a brush or fingers to apply. It’s not that you can’t apply it directly to your skin, but you run the risk of adding too much color and messing up the rest of your makeup. Instead, it’s easier to apply some on the back of your hand and then dab the brush into it.

Some cream blushes (enter: La Prairie) are meant to be worn over cream or liquid foundations – it makes for a more natural glow. But if you’re not totally sold on cream products, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Another way to wear cream blush is by applying it right on to bare skin. Yep. That is if you have a formula as incredible as MAC’s Cream Colour Base. Here it’s all about the amount applied, and if you’re going to wear without layering over foundation and a full makeup look, you want to keep it super subtle – to the point where people truly won’t know you’re wearing anything at all. Really take the “flushed” concept literally. Perfect for pairing with a cute little sundress, IMO.

Cream blush isn’t all sticks or pots either, Chantecaille has a gel-cream that squeezes out of a tiny tube that you apply via brush, fingertips, or sponge. Like multi-use sticks, it’s a great pop of color for the lids too, like Kjaer Weis cream blush, which you can basically paint anywhere (try practicing moderation here)—cheeks, eyes, lips ‘n all.

When it comes to the best cream blushes to apply with fingertips, those that come in a small pot usually don’t need any beauty tools at all – with all natural brand La Bella Figura’s version, you simply dab two clean fingertips into the pot and pat it on.

How to Apply

As mentioned, you can usually apply cream blush with fingers, but not everyone is super confident in their blending skills – totally understandable. It can look streaky or harsh, and that’s where brushes and sponges come in. You can either apply with fingertips then soften the look with a fluffy blush brush (either with an angle designed to hug the apples of your cheeks like this one or one with a flat top that you can use to dab rather than sweep) or use it to both dab and blend.

Some prefer to use something akin to a Beautyblender to apply cream, which is basically a more versatile version of those wedge sponges we all know and love from our days sneaking around our mothers’ vanities. To apply with a sponge, it helps to first take your fingers and apply the color to the back of your hand. Then use the sponge to pick up the color and dab it on. Again, avoid the sweeping motion or you’ll end up with a sharp streak and possibly missing foundation (if layering). Don’t forget to smile to be sure you’re actually applying to the apples of your cheeks, too.

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Annnd voila. Now, your fave cream blushes are… (tell us below!)

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