Art for Everyone: 9 Arts + Culture Events to Explore in LA This Month

When you do a quick Google search for arts and entertainment events, and live in a city as big as Los Angeles, you are really in for it. The arts community is particularly, unsurprisingly active here, and it’s definitely not all film and comedy (though there’s lots of that too, which we love!). At the same time, locals are notorious for sticking within their neighborhood circles. This July, travel beyond your normal borders and hit up a new museum, theatre, or event that you have yet to explore.

Downtown LA

Summer Nights In The Garden – On July 8th, July 22nd, August 5th and 19th, you can hang in front of the Natural History Museum and enjoy live music, drinks, art and science projects, botanical tours and more. Kid and adult friendly! It’s free but you’ll want to RSVP.

Concerts at the Pier – A family friendly event, plan an evening at the Santa Monica Pier during their twilight concert series lasting all summer long.

Poetry in Venice – Enjoy a poetry reading at Beyond Baroque in Venice, and don’t forget to peruse the gallery and bookstore while you’re there.

Art Walk – Check out the DTLA Art Walk every second Thursday of the month. Grab a bite, explore the galleries, and stop by their Lounge on 634 S Spring on July 14th for an exploration of the art of performance and its place in the art world.

Renegade Craft Fair – This weekend, shop small at one of the nation’s biggest craft fairs – Renegade LA in Grand Park on July 9th and 10th. There are 275+ makers, food trucks, and treats so prepare to battle the crowds and scour for unique finds.

Carole King – Grab tix to the Pantages to see Beautiful: The Carole King Tour before it wraps up on the 17th. Abby Mueller kills it as Carole King and you will not be disappointed.

Craft & Folk Art – Check out Gronk’s Theater of Paint at the CAFAM, an interactive exhibit that invites you to explore the world of production and set design through a different medium.

Lotus Festival – Explore Asian culture on July 9th and 10th with the Lotus Festival in Echo Park. There will be arts in crafts, cultural entertainment, and tons of food.

The Broad – Enter the world of Cindy Sherman in Imitation of Life now exhibiting at the Broad through October 2nd. You can read more about her fascinating work here.

Any LA locals have other events to add? Do tell! 

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