4 Practical Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy on Etsy

I’ve been shopping on Etsy for probably 8 years now, and I’m always amazed when I talk to people who love unique fashion and killer home décor, but have never thought to look on Etsy. As popular as it is presently, it’s still pretty minor in terms of the general public’s shopping habits. It’s generally seen as a great place to go for novelty items or one of a kind gifts, but necessities and little luxuries? Not so much. Take a look below and tell us if you’ve ever searched for these 5 things on Etsy:

5 Practical Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy on Etsy - Modern Vintage Life

Handmade Footwear

I think most people know that vintage shoes are for sale on Etsy, but it always amazes me how many incredibly beautiful, high quality pairs of handcrafted footwear are available on the site – the price point for many of them nothing too out of the ordinary, either. It’s pretty easy to find great basic sandals or flats, and if you have any concerns about sizing you can always reach out to the seller. If they really are making each and every item by hand, they’ll likely be able to customize it if necessary to ensure proper fit.

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Greek sandals from Greece
, yes please!

5 Practical Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy on Etsy - Modern Vintage Life


You don’t know love until you know a pair of handmade undies. These rose patterned hipster undies from Egretta Garzetta are just the beginning. This shop has underwear in varying degrees of sexy and granny (both of which are top drawer musts, IMO). You can also find slip dresses, silk camis, vintage robes, bras, French lace, two piece sets, I mean, the list goes on. Scroll through the below to see what we mean:

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The bralette category is a personal fave.

5 Practical Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy on Etsy - Modern Vintage Life


If purchasing furniture online and paying a crazy shipping price seems unpleasant to you, consider this – furniture on Etsy is going to be handcrafted or vintage (or both, like this French dresser) and therefore it’s incredibly unlikely that a person who ever enters your house will have seen it before. If you love interior design or scouring flea markets and local shops for diamonds in the rough, you’ll get the same experience by shopping on Etsy. Yes, you’ll have to pay for shipping (though often shops do offer local pickup if you find a gem in your town), but often it’s actually still less than a LOCAL delivery fee at one of the big stores.

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There’s seriously everything. Even porch swings. Even hammocks, I’ve recently discovered. But on the more practical side, I’m the proud owner of this Brooklyn made coffee table.

5 Practical Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy on Etsy - Modern Vintage Life


This one is so fun. Even I didn’t really think about lights and fixtures and lamps until I dug a little deeper. But if you’re doing some serious update to your home (or just moving in), this is a fantastic place to start the customization process. I mean… you’d be hard pressed to find anything as unique and spectacular as a Poland-made test tube chandelier that you can adorn with wildflowers, huh?

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My love affair with Etsy continues… What are your favorite shops?

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