The ABCs of SummerPool Skincare

See what we did there with the pun? Just because I’m traveling light for the first half of the summer for my tour doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying my time by the pool. And pooltime is somehow simultaneously where the best memories are made and where the most damage is done, to our skin, our bodies, our hair – the whole lot. When it comes to summer skincare, there’s three things to consider. Let’s break them down into ABCs…



Given that sun damage can contribute to pre-mature aging, now’s a good time to take preventative measures.

Instead of forgoing sunscreen (a big no!) in order to achieve the perfect tan, opt for natural looking faux color. I’ve mentioned James Read Overnight Tan in my last post, and love it so much because it offers up that hint of bronze while touting all the essentials – aloe, cucumber, algae – in a lightweight formula. Before heading out the next day, apply Avène Ultra Light Hydrating Sunscreen and no one will no the difference. Like all good sunscreens, this one provides an ample dose of vitamin E too soothe any sun-baked skin and prime you for future afternoons spent poolside. You can apply makeup over it without looking completely greasy too.

Don’t forget about regular skincare either – my Mia Fit has been a lifesaver when on the road, and summer is no time to skip regular cleansing. And be sure to pack a thermal water spray in your beach bag for regular doses of hydration.

Body Care

Many summer skin routines are more relaxed because when sunny days roll around, there’s nothing on our minds but being outside. But exfoliating regularly – everywhere, too – is key for smoother skin and allowing moisturizers and sunscreens to fully sink in. Apply a product like this green tea body scrub once a week during the summer.

Lastly, the sunscreen. The funny thing about sun care is that stocking up on UV protection generally comes with about 100 other potentially toxic ingredients you probably don’t want on your skin. Avène also makes a body version that’s also free from fragrances, parabens and oxybenzone, so you get the protection without the added vulnerability.


Moroccan Oil’s Glimmer Shine gives hair a glossy layer of nutrients and Argan oil to protect against sun, salt water, and chlorine. It gets better: the great news about many hair products formulated for sun and chlorine care are formulated for use on skin too, like Aveda’s hair + body cleanser, which is a must post-pool since it removes chlorine buildup. Their after sun hair mask is for those who skimped on the pre-sun prep and need to restore weak hair. If you’re looking to spend hours multiple times a week in the water, try a hair oil that creates a filter and can be reapplied after swimming.

More options below…

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