Summer Florals: Lightweight ‘n Lovely (Like They Should Be)

If you’ve been thinking of florals as something either to be left behind with your grade school days or as a spring staple meant to be work exclusively at festivals you spent way too much time preparing fashion for, well, both of those are semi-true. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also, when done differently, come off as mature AND flirty, playful AND elevated. With the right colors, fabrics and cuts, these summer florals are much more sophisticated (and yet, fun!) than your run-of-the-mill flower child look.

Summer Florals | ModernVintageLife.com

The Slit

Light ‘n airy dresses are meant to flow softly with a summer evening’s breeze, but this feminine style does run the risk of looking a little bridesmaids-y. Cue, the slit. It downplays the floral pattern’s innocence, while playing up the picnic-on-the-beach vibe.

Summer Florals | ModernVintageLife.com

The Structure

And right smack dab below the light and airy look, we’re gonna hit you with a structured piece. Even if your style is more laidback and casual, don’t write this off. A midi skirt like this one gives it the vintage look we covet, and you can pair it with your beloved nude cami (you know every woman needs one of those, right? See below.) so that it doesn’t come off as stuffy or too formal for happy hour.

Summer Florals | ModernVintageLife.com

The Jumpsuit

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that jumpsuits aren’t for everyone, but there IS a bit of an art to finding the perfect fit for our individual body type. Florals may seem a bit out there for the gal who’s never considered a jumpsuit, but they actually can make it look less 80s/costume/jazzercise – many jumpsuits of our childhood were actually in loud, solid colors, and on funky textured fabrics, which is not really what you’re looking at with the jumpsuits of today. But if you DO go the vintage route, definitely opt out of the shoulder pads. This jumpsuit comes in a few shades.

Summer Florals | ModernVintageLife.com

The Maxi

A floral maxi skirt is good for pretty much any summer soiree. You’ve got BBQs, the beach, dinner parties, weddings, long walks, outdoor concerts, and a multitude of other events, all of which a maxi — one that’s the perfect length and not too sheer — will get airtime for. Pull this one out when you’re not quite sure what to wear (and too hot to really care about it), all you need to do is switch up the top and shoes per the occasion.

Summer Florals | ModernVintageLife.com

The Wrap

Wrap dresses were basically made for the floral print. Sometimes, instead of going for contrast, going all out with one style, like soft and romantic, will actually bring everything together. For this one, go with a messy hairstyle like beach waves or a quick bun for the slightly undone look that such a sweet dress needs.

Summer Florals | ModernVintageLife.com

The Cami

Rather than deciding on an all over floral print, you can achieve the lightweight ‘n lovely look with a simple tank and denim. Reformation has two to choose from when it comes to the Coco top. It’ll end up being the most versatile piece in your summer wardrobe, and this pink hue just begs for a black floppy hat and a glass of rosé to match.

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