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Poll: When was the last time you really, truly felt rested? To recall, you’d probably have to think back to the last time you really, truly made it a point TO rest. Rest comes in many forms and it certainly doesn’t stop at logging 6-8 hours of sleep. But not only are we taking less and less time to rest, we hardly know a single person who has done it either. Culturally, we’ve ditched rest for movement. We’re always on the go, mentally and physically, and it’s even more apparent on weekends—which we’ve historically reserved for rest.

Why You Need To Get More Rest | Modern Vintage Life

Lots of things are to blame for this, and they’re not all bad. Women have worked very hard just to have the opportunity TO work, so we won’t be letting that go any time soon. If you’re an ambitious person, you simply aren’t going to let time stop you: If you want to do a million things—which generally means working around the clock to accomplish them—then you’re going to do every last one of those million things. Still, we don’t need to glorify busy. Here’s a thought: We can all still change the world and pursue all our crazy, earth-shattering dreams… but don’t you think we’d be a little better at it if we got a bit more rest?

No matter the schedule, rest—and unplugging—still needs to be in there somewhere. It’s a no-brainer that your brain needs downtime, but it’s the first to go when juggling a busy schedule.

Nowdays Sundays are just like every other work day. Even if you’re not at work, you’re prepping for it. You’re running errands, you’re cleaning the house. You’re seeing how much you can fit in and still make it to church. Sundays may very well be the busiest day of the week. All this in a country where religious days of rest like the Sabbath was once taken so very seriously. Even now in a mix of cultural traditions and religious practices, this concept still prevails: Pretty much every storefront you’ll pass by at the very least opens a few hours later and closes a few before on Sundays. Whether you fill that time with church or meditation or time spent crafting with your children, there’s something fulfilling and necessary about being able to set aside a little time for rest.

Both religious texts and scientific studies alike encourage us all to rest. Proper rest and even just relaxation is known to decrease stress, increase overall health, and even make you better at work. Further, it can help you arrive at new ideas, feel more connected to the world around you, and appreciate life. If you can’t remember to unplug or carve out time to relax, put it on your schedule. No one’s ever regretted a little R&R!

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