Daily Delicious No. 45

I discovered this ethereal collection of perfume during a walk in Yorkville, Toronto on a small alleyway nuzzled between historic stone buildings covered in Ivy.

Regime des Fleurs 2015-12

The store was closing but I stole enough time to spend a moment with each of these scents by perfumery Regime des Fleurs. Each bottle looks like a set piece from Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, and I was delighted to find the contents to be equally as luxurious and beguiling.

The company was started by two friends with a fascination with blending the ancient past with a pop of the 1990s.  These fragrances are so interesting.

The new Lyric, Ballad and Epic blend historical eras – 20th Century America, 18th century Western Europe, Ancient Rome – and paint romantic landscapes that are both virgin and developed, like double-exposed photographs in fragrant form.

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