Church on the Blog: Lost & Found

For today’s Church On The Blog, I was inspired to cover this topic of Lost & Found that really got me one Sunday during a sermon by Toure Roberts at One Church LA. Tune in here for the full conversation:

The concept of Lost & Found can apply to the smallest aspects of our lives or the biggest ones, like our calling or our purpose. And being lost doesn’t mean we physically can’t find our way… So much of the time we consider ourselves on the right track, or at least going through the motions, not necessarily lost or off the path. Roberts explains this so well above: this simple concept that you’re consuming things that don’t edify your spirit, and you’ve been doing it for so long you don’t realize you’ve been going a certain way. Think of it as that wake up call, where you’re like, how did I get here? We all have it from time to time. But it comes full circle eventually. He talks about finding your destination: that maybe you were on the track but felt lost, but kept the faith anyway.

Have you experienced this?

You know you’re getting somewhere, but all you can see is what’s behind you, not ahead. But don’t you eventually get there, every single time? If you just stay on track, or pull yourself back when you’re off it.

Of course, it gets even MORE complicated. What about when you choose your path and you begin to stick with it: maybe it’s your faith or your art or your life’s work or more importantly, all of those things… whatever that is, you choose it but you’re not met with support or love? To quote Roberts’ sermon:

Sometimes it’s your light that drives people away, not your darkness.

Such a surprising statement that suddenly clears everything up. If you’re going to go on this path, you have to be cool with people talking about you. You have to be cool with following walking down that foggy road until things get clear. And eventually, it comes full circle: you start to see the destination ahead. The purpose. The meaning.

We have these Lost & Found experiences so many times throughout our lives, often simultaneously, but we always find our way. It’s a good reminder as we go into another week that no matter what you feel right now, in this moment, you WILL find your way.

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