Church On The Blog: Giving Your Gifts

Today’s inspiration for the week ahead comes to us from a quote that has been floating around my our minds lately. (It’s a well known quote that’s been attributed to all the most quotable artists of our time, like Shakespeare, Picasso, and more, but the general consensus (on Google anyway) is that no one’s really sure who said it when. Let’s just think that the author gave away his or her gifts for the greater good of Pinterest and blogs and general musings.) You don’t necessarily need to pursue an outwardly charitable vocation or even commit to one particular path in life to first of all, have gifts, and second to be able to give your gifts away.


We want to encourage you to put yourself out there. Test the waters a bit. Because the fact is that we all have different things we can offer to society, and again I mean just affecting other people on a deeper level, so it’s kind of a disservice to not DO anything with that power. Everyone’s gifts are different, but with all that’s gone on in the world recently, and always, it’s about time we thought about what good we can put out: good deeds, good vibes, good work. Things that not only we believe make the world better, but that we think others may connect with too. It doesn’t have to be a big, sweeping gesture. You don’t have to quit your day job.

Nor do you need to have millions of followers on Instagram or publish a whole shelf of books or receive the kind of public recognition for your work that many are after these days. Those are all kind of “would be nice” side effects, but the truth is that just by being you, you’re presenting something to the world. For example, those of you who are artists, actors, writers, musicians. If you’re like, “that’s me!”, you’ve already found your gift. If you’re still searching, not to worry, that’s why it’s called the meaning of life. It takes a lifetime for many to find it. Often, they’re giving gifts away without even knowing it, which is kind of a romantic notion in itself. But whether you label the gift that is Y-O-U anything specific, this is what you’re putting out into the world. Don’t hold it in. Don’t keep it to yourself.

To recap, here are the steps 1) Find your gift, 2) Put it out there. That’s all there is to it.

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