THINK PINK! 4 Easy Summer Cocktails for Comp’ny

Summer doesn’t officially arrive until July but I think we all know that Memorial Day marks the transitional period where everyone’s fed up with not-summer and decides to act like it is anyway. Pretty sure you’ll have no issue sipping these easy to master cocktails whether it’s 60 degrees or 80. Enjoy!

Really Easy Cocktail Recipes - The Paloma

Paloma. Classier and much prettier than a margarita, this Mexican classic is surprisingly easy to master. Just combine 2 ounces tequila, lime juice (cut your lime into ¼ and squeeze 1 wedge), 1 tablespoon or more to taste of agave syrup and stir. Fill with ice and top with grapefruit soda. If you’re feeling fancy, salt the rim and garnish with a grapefruit wedge!

Really Easy Cocktail Recipes - The Watermelon Mojitos

Watermelon Mojitos. Mojitos are a tried and true summer drink but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Once you’ve perfected the classic (made by muddling lime, a few mint sprigs, light rum, simple syrup—or agave—and topping with ice and a splash of club soda), try this watermelon version with pureed seedless watermelon in place of a glass full of ice. If you’d like extra watermelon, go easy on the club soda. Strain the mixture and garnish with a cute watermelon slice.

Really Easy Cocktail Recipes - Grapefruit Rose

Grapefruit Rosé. Grab a bottle of your favorite rosé and class up summer with this SIMPLE recipe: All you need to do is mix ¾ cup rosé and ¼ cup grapefruit juice, fill with ice, and garnish with mint leaves. Yum!

Really Easy Cocktail Recipes - Blackberry Champagne Cocktail

Blackberry Spritzer. Everyone loves a champagne cocktail, no matter the time of year. In the summer when blackberries are in season, you can mix up a fruitier version. For this you’ll be making a syrup, which isn’t actually all that intimidating. All you do is bring 1 cup of water, a cup of blackberries, and ½ cup sugar to a boil on the stovetop. Reduce heat and simmer about ten minutes. Cool and add about ¼ of the syrup to each glass. Top with champagne and garnish with thyme or sage.

Which will you be mixing up this summer?

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