4 Places to Shop for Swimsuits This Season

‘Tis the season of swimsuit roundups, and you’ll find no complaints here. Even though most of us generally choose one or two good go-tos, it never hurts to check out all our options. And this season, there are options aplenty….

Swimsuits 2016 | Modern Vintage Life


Who would have thought that Express would be the go-to for swimsuits? As it turns out, Express has really stepped up their game in the summer fashion department. The first three swimsuits in our guide are from express, and there are tons more on site. They lend themselves particularly well to the more athletic body types, but they do have plenty of halter tops which tend to look good on anyone.


ASOS has always been one of those places we go to for our impulse buys. They pretty much cover every category of women’s fashion, offer up free shipping, and are always, always coming up with new designs (and designer collabs). Plus, they have petite, tall, curve, and plus sizes. FINALLY! And did we mention the 3000+ (yes, that was three thousand) pieces in their swimwear category? Yeah…. Think we’re covered. Personal fave: This floral belted one piece, as shown in our second row! At $50, the price is akin to a bikini top only at many retailers.

La Blanca

A tried and true swimwear brand, we can always count on classic La Blanca swimsuits for the ultimate comfort and super cute prints. They’re particularly good for us curvier types, as the busts on each and every one offer up support you’ll never get with a cheapie bikini. See row #3 for favorites. (We’re loving their one pieces this season, but Nordstrom stocks tons of bikini options too.)


The bottom two rows of our guide are all Anthro finds. Anthropologie has over 300 swimsuits to choose from, and they even make tankinis look just as cute as bikinis and those retro one pieces. Shop here for everything from funky prints to pin up styles and even a few athletic selections. Our personal favorites are the Mara Hoffman swimsuits… Never have we ever been so on board with excessive color.

Shop our finds below and see more summer finds in the new boutique!

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    July 11, 2016 at 5:35 am
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