Poetry Thursdays: Rupi Kaur

News flash: poetry doesn’t have to be this indecipherable art hanging in obscurity. You can spend whole days devouring poems, or just your lunch hour. You can read anthologies or just choose a few pieces from the 6 million + Instagram posts under the hashtag #poetry in just a few seconds. Welcome to poetry Thursdays, where we officially offer the Modern Vintage Life take on new or new-to-us poets, that you ought to know about too.

Poetry Thursdays

Speaking of Instagram, if you’re active on social media (devotee of poetry or not) you might’ve come across Canadian poet Rupi Kaur‘s feed, full of short, but moving micro-poems. Succinct, yeah, but quick to forget? No way.





Photos by Rupi Kaur on Instagram

Kaur’s poetry deals with just about all formidable moments in human, and more importantly, woman’s experience: love, loss, violence, hurt, healing, feminism. After publishing her first book last year, a collection of poetry and prose called milk and honey, she’s taken a hiatus from publishing new poetry on Instagram, giving us all just enough time to catch up. This is a poet to help you start exploring, or fall back in love with, poetry and spoken word: these are relatable snippets of life that you can’t help but be affected by.

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