Spring DIY: Pastel Ice Cubes

The world of DIY. There are so many things to make and do. But I think we all still prefer the easiest way we can go about whatever project we have on our to-do list. Does it get any easier than colored ice cubes? It’s spring, so they had to be pastel – but other than that, anything goes. These ice cubes are perfect for family events, dinner parties, and for getting kids to drink their daily dose of water.

Because we all know that water is more fun to drink when it’s brightly colored. And fun shaped. Here’s what I mean:

DIY flavored ice cubes | Modern Vintage Life

Colored ice cubes in cute molds make drinking water so much more fun for kids. You can get a super pack of molds off Amazon for about $13 with all sorts of animals and shapes or keep it simple with these heart ice cube trays that double as the perfect bakeware for making chocolate or candy, if you’re handy like that.

DIY flavored ice cubes | Modern Vintage Life

Once you’ve got the ice trays, you need the food coloring. Just add a drop or two to an entire pitcher. I’ll flavor them with a couple drops of vanilla or liquid stevia sometimes too. When everything is frozen I just throw all the ice into a clear bucket in the freezer so every time I grab a handful there are different colors in each glass of water.

DIY flavored ice cubes | Modern Vintage Life

Makes for fun spring drinks, huh?

DIY flavored ice cubes | Modern Vintage Life

And it’s not just about the water and teddy bear shapes (as adorable as they are). It’s super easy to tweak this for both entertaining little ones, and stepping up those cocktails a notch too.

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