An All-Etsy Look for Those Unseasonably Warm Days

We’re well into the season, so we’ll assume you’ve already conquered all the tough parts of spring cleaning your closet, and are ready to do some intentional restocking. There are a few fashion designers that will always have their stake in my wardrobe, but there’s also nothing like going off the beaten path (especially when looking for what to pair with said designers) when it comes to style. Enter, Etsy (!), the home of vintage and handmade. With over 35 million items for sale, it can be a fantastic resource, yeah, but also all-consuming. It’s time to uncover a few diamonds in the Etsy rough with some curated collections here on MVL. Today’s edition: warm spring days. The days you impulsively cut out of work early to relax on a beach before summer is even on anyone’s radar, or find yourself planning a picnic because why don’t people picnic more often?!

First things first, break out the spring heels. You don’t need anything fancy to run errands or take a walk in the park, but of course it helps to not look like you’re running errands. A peep toe or kitten heel is as spring as it gets. Avoid looking to costume-y by pairing little heels with simple jeans.  (These sandals are a pretty fab option too.)


Pleated Skirt: Beige Pleated Skirt $29


90s Pink Pleated Skirt, $28

We’ve established that when done tastefully, pleats can be flattering, especially when on a high waist skirt. These skirts are your light and breezy answer to “God, it’s hot out today!”.  Cropped tops or shortened t-shirt tops are my favorite with skirts like these.


Crop Top: Justin Bieber top, $22

About that crop top? These are perfect with a pretty skirt and flats or cute sneakers if you’re feeling cheeky.


Cactus Box Crop top, $58

And this one with pleated skirt, some bangles on your wrist, and chic sandals!

Wish You Were Here Floppy Hat

Floppy Hat: Wish You Were Here Hat, $50

In true Modern Vintage Life fashion, a chic wide brimmed hat is key for any summer look. So this is one you want to keep on hand (maybe just store in the back seat of your car, you never know when the occasion calls for it) for unexpectedly sunny days.


Edwardian Blouse, $48

Nothing goes better with a wide brimmed hat than a flowy white top. Definitely pair with classic blue jeans!

Vintage Ferragamo Heels

Spring Heels: Vintage Ferragamo Heels, $58

Floppy hat + Edwardian blouse + Ferragamo heels.

Jute Bag

Market Bag: Vintage Jute Bag, $38

It’s silly when you write it out, but yeah, we all want to stock up on produce at the farmer’s market with something not-so-$1-reusable-tote hanging off our shoulders. Time Lords Vintage has a few to choose from. The bigger, the better.

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket: Vintage Splint Basket, $39

Okay, if you’re someone who sees the necessity in a picnic basket for all your spring adventures (we’re a rare breed), then you know that it must be vintage. Etsy is chockfull of ’em, so take your pick.

Anyone else have an Etsy wishlist going?

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