Winter Winners



We’re kicking off Winter at Wish You WereHere with a list of our personal Winter Winners for Makeup and Skincare.  These basics have been getting us through everything au natural days to fancy cocktail parties!

IMG_2366 From Flower Beauty

Dusk ‘Til Dawn Eyeshadow Quad – great for contouring in evening, or just lightly blend the peach and mustard colors for a refreshing and intriguing daytime glow

Lip Service LIP BUTTER in Mauve Mimosa – Loving this for a mod look.  Simple eyes, cateye liner, bronzed cheeks and this perfect nude.  Honeysuckle and Barely There are other color favorites in this same vein.

Daily Brightening Under eye Creme – I can’t stress enough how magical this under-eye product is

KISSTICK in Cactus Flower  – while Reds are expected at holiday time, a bright, rich Orange can stand out in an unexpected and delightful way.  We love this kiss stick.

Magnificent Metals Eye Liner in Metallic Black-Gold by Stila – This is so multi-functional.  Apply directly with your middle finger and smudge for an overall smokey shadow, or use a little liquid mixed with the shadow and a sharp brush to create bewitching sparkles in your lash lines.

CityPROOF 24hr Eye Primer from NYC – use this before applying eyeshadow.  We also like it as an emergency concealer!

Age Arrest Eye Cream & Waterlight SPF by Kate Sommerville – Two staple products, good year round but especially in the winter.  Waterlight SPF gives your skin a pearly-white glow and the Age Arrest cream is great to put on first thing in the morning, a nice thick coating about 20 minutes before makeup.  The sensitive skin under your eyes will thank you!

Special Cleansing Gel & Multi Active Toner by Dermalogica – good basic cleanser and refresher!  Travel size is or fave!


More winter beauty tips to come, stay tuned xx


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