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Proceeds from purchases through DEC 31st will be MATCHED by a Grant.  That means the full cost of the book is going straight to Love146!

Hello Friends!  I’ve partnered with Artifact Uprising and Love146 to create a small, elegant end-table book… a collection of fan-favorite Instagram posts and inspirational quotes.  Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to Love 146, an organization whose work rehabilitating trafficked children sold into sex-slavery is unparalleled.  Please visit their website to find out more about their work.  In the season of giving, if you are (or someone you know is) a Joy Lenz fan, please consider buying this book.  Every copy is autographed with Joy’s thanks.  This is a COLLECTORS, LIMITED EDITION.  The next edition of this book will change as it will be adjusted for main-stream sales (basically, no photos of Joy).  There are roughly 100 copies left!  Get shopping & help heal these beautiful kids! BUY HERE

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