Tricks of Travel: 5 Easy Rules

Traveling is all fun & games until you have to pack! What do I bring? What’s the weather? Where are we going? What are we doing? It seems to always happen to me no matter what trip I’m packing for.

I live bicostal…

New York and LA are both my homes and I can’t stay on either side of the country for too long. I have learned a few tricks of the trade over the last 4 years and would be very selfish if I didn’t share them with you!

5 Tricks for Traveling in style

  1. Coordinate 3 to 4 colors – Find a few colors that you can intergrate between different outfits. Each color you pack should work with everything in your suitcase – thus leaving you multiple options.
  2. Always Roll Your Clothes – It makes things so easy, less wrinkled, and you can fit in more!
  3. One Outerwear Piece – Find one jacket to bring that can be worn with every outfit and wear it on your travel day – this is what I take…Wilfred Laboratoire Coat in Black found at Aritzia.
  4. Bring 3 to 4 Bottoms – I usually pack two pants, one skirt, one leather legging & mulitple black /striped/ or anything neutral for tops – (black can be worn in any occasion and it looks amazing!)
  5. Three Different Shoes – I’m not going to lie, It’s always hard for me to pick which shoes I’m going to bring simply because I want to bring them all! I typically pack sneakers, a dressier boot, and my Nikes to work out in and then I wear another pair of everyday booties on my travel day.

travel in style

Some Additional Secrets & Tips:

** Keep styrofoam shoulder protector from your dry cleaning hangers (the little pink/blue things on your hangers) which works as a little magic eraser for deoderant marks – please try this at home, it’s a miracle worker!

** To keep your clothes clean, pack your shoes in separate bags that you find in stores like Free People or bags that come with your shoes when you buy them.

** Always pack tweezers, a nail clipper, and advil. These are things that I had no idea I would need so often while traveling.

** Buy travel size everything or gather samples you like from beauty stores in a jar and save them for traveling! It feels like an immediate spa day when you’re using your favorite products on vacation!

5 easy trips for traveling in style

Bon Voyage!

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