Magic London: Days 1 & 2

Well, this trip started out as a high-fashion scheme! I was to be in Paris for 3 weeks and everything was planned out. I had prestigious photographers lined up to shoot some editorials with me for a couple big-bang, style websites, I had events scheduled, a few new friends in Paris and a gorgeous place to stay. Everything fell into place… until everything fell apart due to some completely unrelated and unexpected incidents drove us out of Paris to seek refuge in nearby London.

Bethany Joy in London

London, where I’ve only been once before, has always felt like my sister city. I dreamed of being English since I was about 3. My mother recalls my obsession with the English beginning around the age of 3. In my childhood I knew all about the Monarchy, the Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and I was absolutely convinced I would become the Queen of England when I grew up. CONVINCED.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to find my safe haven in sentimental and magical London. This week I’ll release a fashion journal from a few days of my adventures in the Old Smoke…

Black and White Flats

London Underground

Bethany Joy Lenz London 1

Boyfriend Jeans

London Tube

Day 1: Westminster Abbey, little venice, trafalgar square station

TOPSHOP White Blazer
SPLENDID Grey Tshirt
STYLEMINT Boyfriend Jeans

All Black OUtfit London

All black Outfit

DAY 2 islington-shoreditch-city Of London walk

AMERICAN APPAREL Black Leather Ballcap
YOANA BARASCHI Wild Side Bouson Top
YOANA BARASCHI Animal Wool Sweater
ADRIANO GOLDSCHMIED “The Absolute Legging, Black Slick”
POUR LA VICTOIRE Keon Studded Boots

Come back tomorrow for Day & Night 3!

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