Stylefile No. 1

The Red Carpet was a madhouse at the People Magazine “Ones To Watch” edition launch party at LINE LA. We drove past the flashing lights and mob of people and decided against valet, which would surely have taken forever.  Opting to park up the street at a little Korean market, we had a nice walk down a dimly lit street, passing a (masturbating) homeless man, and then, just around the corner, we arrived to the glittering gorgeousness of a popular LA party.  Talk about a reality check.

My girlfriend Kelly had thrown it together last-minute to be my date and was the bomb as she waited patiently for me to take my pictures.  While she waited, I got to show off an amazing Monique L’Huillier dress with some KILLER Madison shoes.

Here’s the look!

Stylefile People Magazine One to Watch Event

Special Thanks to Creative Public Relations, and Jordan Grossman styling.

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