Fuck Prosciutto


These were the first words out of the mouth of my (now) dear friend, Carmen, who was responding to my question, “do you sell any prosciutto?”. She is proudly Spanish and only sells the meat she imports from Spain and slices. SERRANO is what she had for me (among other things) in place of prosciutto and here’s the dish I took home and made with her Espanolita Foods Serrano. I died and went to pig heaven.

Burrata cheese (go find some at local cheese shop or Italian deli. Don’t buy it at the chain grocery store- that’s not the real shit)
Olive oil (I used an orange-infused olive oil from a specialty shop at the farmers market)
Cracked Black Pepper

Put it all together on a plate and then try to stop yourself from licking said plate after the food is gone.

Then, go buy her Paleta Ibeirico. And don’t you dare mix that meat with anything. You just eat it right out of the package with a glass of wine and and enjoy your foodgasm.

Espanolita foods delivers locally in Los Angeles and has a great Facebook & Instagram

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